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Get the DVD @ http://infowars-shop.stores.ya... Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people.The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery.We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order's plans. It's not about Left or Right: it's about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation.Covered in this film: who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and his real agenda. If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this is the film for you.Watch the Obama Deception and learn how:- Obama is continuing the process of transforming America into something that resembles Nazi Germany, with forced National Service, domestic civilian spies, warrantless wiretaps, the destruction of the Second Amendment, FEMA camps and Martial Law.- Obama's handlers are openly announcing the creation of a new Bank of the World that will dominate every nation on earth through carbon taxes and military force.- International bankers purposefully engineered the worldwide financial meltdown to bankrupt the nations of the planet and bring in World Government.- Obama plans to loot the middle class, destroy pensions and federalize the states so that the population is completely dependent on the Central Government.- The Elite are using Obama to pacify the public so they can usher in the North American Union by stealth, launch a new Cold War and continue the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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willypdyer (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
BREAKING NEWS: TRUMP THINKING PRESIDENCY !!During an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Monday, DONALD TRUMP teased he'll make a decision about a 2016 run in the early part of this year. "I would say over the next three months, I'm going to make a VERY SERIOUS DECISION," Trump said. 
willypdyer (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
An OIL SPILL into the Yellow Stone River has CONTAMINATED the tap water for thousands of Glendive Montana area residents. An estimated 50,000 GALLONS of crude oil spilled from the Poplar Pipeline Saturday morning. Truckloads of safe water had to be shipped into Glendive. The Environmental Protection Agency has advised residents NOT TO DRINK or cook with tap water until further notice.
ChangeDaChannel (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
hey all...dag havent been here in months on this thread. Please tell me you guys arent still supporting this turd Obama and you have woken up to the fact that hes just as bad if not worse than the last turd. If not tis okay. The next will be even worse
kennygl2008 (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
Why do we need the Keystone XL Pipeline? Is it so the United States can let Canadian Tar Sands oil flow through our nation to our Gulf Coast to be refined there, leaving all the toxins here, after which it'll be shipped through the under construction Nicaragua Canal to China for use there? Aside from some temporary construction jobs, a handful of ongoing maintenance jobs, and some refinery activity that'll benefit the Koch Brothers, how does that scenario be of major benefit to the United States? 
willypdyer (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
I LOVE the smell of conservative OUTRAGE in the morning.
Renaud Deffense (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
Politics is a sham, fuck politics. This is true, but there's about an equal amount of charade in the political activists, too. In order to believe in free rights, say, take free speech for example, you have to be willing to defend the speech that you would ordinarily find reprehensible. If the KKK was around your neighborhood you'd be pretty peeved and I would understand that. But if the KKK made a march, that would be their free speech. Don't get me wrong, I dislike race hatred as much as the next person, hate is the only taboo. But it seems that political activists want to defend the free rights that they agree with. For example, under free speech, the political activists want the right to speak the political ideologies they agree with. But if anyone has any other political or philosophical ideology (communism, anarchism, existentialism, realism, radical post-modernism) or whatever, they wouldn't mind their book being censored or banned and would probably up to support it. Under current American living, free rights are something of being "free to what the majority agrees with." Yet, the political activists appear to do nothing against that, they seem to be more of the same in that. Something I've noticed, at least.
kennygl2008 (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
+DigitalAsianEyes - Dude, your posts are so fucked-up that you brighten my day by causing me to LMAO! Thank You!
EagleOfJustice1776 (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
Talking your Bullshit again? +willypdyer Yes You Sure as Hell Are! I want to see America succeed. It's Socialist Progressives Bleeding America Dry Giving Away Everything for "Free" There's one major problem with that; "Free" isn't Free. The nightly national news tonight says Obama is going to [proposed] give two years of "Free" Community College for “anybody who’s willing to work for it” Work For It? How in the HELL is he going to do that? Most all the other programs He thought up FAILED, leaving Taxpayers on the hook for Billions; what's going to make this one any different? Federal funding will cover $3,800 per student, three-quarters of the average cost of community college[ so they say] while Participating States Will Be Expected To Contribute The Remaining Funds Necessary To ELIMINATE TUITION For Eligible Students IF They Maintain a 2.5 GPA. WHERE IS OBAMA GOING TO GET THE MONEY? PULL IT OUT OF HIS ASS? Most States don't have money to properly run a community college as it is! Let alone all those people in a four year college that are mortgaged up to their eyeballs with an average $33,000 burden for the typical American graduate in the Class of 2014 to get a degree, who a lot of are forced to living back home with their parents and can look forward to a nice job at McDonalds as a manager IF THEIR LUCKY. You Cockroaches Want It All And You Want It For Free, You Fail To Realize "Free" ISN'T "FREE" The Top Tier Cannot Be Expected To Pay For It All! And Obama hasn't done anything to bring manufacturing or any major industries back to America.
ChangeDaChannel (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
State Of The Union 1991, 1996, 2007, 2014watch?v=Qzpw00qq1UQ4 turds sayings the same words
brainerdrebel (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
You know how they all do it, obtaining no-bid contracts for their private corporations, insider deals, solicitations, the scandals run deep in Washington for sure.And now Democratic California Senator Dianne Feinstein has managed to help get her husband an insider government deal worth around $1 billion, which is mere chump change when compared to the national debt of $18 trillion that others have looted.

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