Lil Wayne - How To Love Lyrics

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Lil Wayne - How To Love Lyrics

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Uploaded: November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am
Author: DahBaTu

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Chabrakaew LaiLa (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
ladyeden0413 (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
All of you need to stop this isn't even the official page for this song and it still had 29,484,532 viewsobviously a lot of people love this song. It even has 86,455 uplikes against a measley 2,151 dislikes and that's NOT excluding the people who follow and don't have a mind of their own, going with the new trend that little wayne is a bad rapper (we all know that's a lie), and NOT excluding all the wannabee rappers hating on this and NOT excluding all the people that just live to dislike music.We all know little wayne is a GREAT rapper her has hit number 1 too many times and even broke the elvis presly hot 100 chart so all of you need to stop bullshittingyou want to hear some bullshit rappers?go listen totwo chainsfutureand fake ass drakelittle wayne isn't bullshit, all of you are just bullshit, all of you all are fake, the same niggas that started hating on lil kim for nikki minaj, like really how is anyone going to have anything to say about lil kim? that's when I knew that it wasn't the rappers who've been in the game who were bullshit, it was yall who were bullshitting
DraculaXHunter101 (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
Lil Wayne's attempt at grunge is cancer. The thought of him playing guitar is just painful.....
Haylee Mitchell (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
I have never been a lil Wayne fan(Just wrote little lol) but this song has a deeper meaning than pussy or drugs. I am glad he has this song :D Teaches me rappers other than Macklemore can write meaningful songs
Mage J'zargo (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
The only song where he doesn't start off with "YOUNG MULA BABEYYYYY"
ヤミ族 坂上 Sakagami (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
So, I heard it's mothers day creeping around the corner and I want to take a moment to honor all the mothers that may see this. Good job! Congrats! I support momma power! ;) I'll post an official post later, but this song kinda put me in the mood to at least think about it. And not only to the mothers but to the soon to be and future mothers--- Thats you girls- Ya'll still women and I still respect every single one of you. You are really special to me, I'm pretty sure if e got together we'd have a blast! But anyway it's not about me- it'll be a day 4 u. Just know that I'll be prayin' 4 yall to have a secure, safe, and joyful life. Live Mas young mammas.*Y^MI*
Giovanni M (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
This lil wayne song actually has meaning
youssef saidene (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
i searched how to love lil wayne :xthis video appeared
Kaylee Marie (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
Can you teach me how to love again? :/
SwordofDracos (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
I was never a huge fan of love songs but this is awesome.

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